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Thai Fish Cakes  (Tod Mun Pla) is a popular street snack in Thailand. Thai fish cake are red-curry-flavored patties with fresh fish, spices, and herbs within. These cakes are normally served hot and juicy, straight from frying. It is easy to make but excellent to eat. Each bite of this deep-fried delicacy will burst with saline fish flavors and a hint of red curry paste subtlety. Most Thai restaurants across the world serve Thai fish cakes as an appetizer. Also, Thai fish cake is popular for being a nutritious, and quick weeknight dish. They're simply lovely to look at and taste. These are the most incredible fishcakes in the world. Its dipping sauce is comparable to the sweet chilly sauce available in most supermarkets. Chopped cucumber, cilantro, and a squeeze of lemon are commonly added to the sauce for fish cakes. Absolutely excellent. Thai Fish Cakes at Thai restaurant Randwick, NSW 2031 If you happen to be in Randwick, NSW 2031 then you can try Thai Fish Cakes.  Noodle Inn